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Radio has evolved over the years, from traditional AM/FM programming to digital alternatives such as Pandora or Spotify. More than 270 million people listen to the radio every week. For emerging artists, radio is still the most important medium for new music discovery.

Star 1 Group specializes in providing digital delivery and direct promotion to over 500 FM, Satellite and internet based stations in the US and Canada and utilize several national charts such as New Music Weekly, Music Row, Roots Report and Airplay Today.


Digital Delivery

We deliver your music directly to over 500 stations in the US and Canada.

Direct Promotion

We promote to hundreds of AM/FM, Satellite and Internet based stations.


Through our partner, Airplay Cloud, songs are tracked and charted weekly.


Our label distributes singles. EPs and full albums to retailers in over  750 outlets in 140 countries.
How Does it Work?

First, we need to listen to your release in order to determine which radio format will give you the best results. Below you can view the charts of the various formats that we service. Complete our artist profile at the bottom of this page and upload your single. After reviewing your music, we will contact you regarding our recommendations for promotion. Evaluation of your music is free of charge.
Rock / Alternative
Top 100 Rock and Alternative songs including mainstream and independent artists from 67 reporting stations updated weekly.
Top 100 Country and Americana songs from headlining and independent artists from 107 reporting stations updated weekly.
Pop /Hot AC
Top 100 Popular and Hot AC songs that includes Top 40 and Independent artists from 134 reporting stations updated weekly
Adult Contemporary
Top 100 Adult Contemporary incuding, Lite Rock and Pop, Singer/Songwriter songs from both established and emerging artists reported by 126 stations updated weekly.
Triple A / Album
Top 100 Triple A songs also know as Adult Alternative Album, from both mainstream and independent artists as reported by 38 stations updated weekly.
Rhythmic / Urban
Top 100 Rhythmic and Urban songs that includes, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and Dance from both established and independent artists, reported by 74 stations updated weekly.
Submit Your Music

Radio stations provide exposure, excitement, and hype for your music and can help to really build up and solidify that brand appeal that you wish to cultivate.

We recommend song files ripped at 320k mp3 and would appreciate proper metadata with your audio files. Please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest!
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